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Reduce the occurrence of network outages with our 24/7 network support services.

Improve Network Performance With Reliable Network Support

Ensure your network maintains peak performance with our local and remote network support services.

Why choose cyberCSI for network support?

Reduce the possibility of downtime with proactive network support solutions deployed by our experts.
Accelerate IT issue resolutions with a network services company that provides 24/7/365 support services.
Improve network infrastructure and protection with our on-site and remote computer network consultants.
Experience peace of mind with proactive network support and maintenance backed by transparent SLAs.
Simplify network management by consolidating your networking needs with a single, reliable source.

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    What Local Businesses Say About Our Network Support

    A sincere thanks to the Cyber CSI Team who have been a valuable HP Partner for 25 years. Your Team demonstrates the objective of keeping IT running smoothly in every interaction to the benefit of our mutual clients. We are excited to partner with Cyber CSI for the next 25 years ! Best Regards – Paul Iaquinta/ HP Inc Account Manager

    Paul Iaquinta

    cyberCSI has served as our IT team for over 20 years. They have kept our entire operation running smoothly and seamlessly. They have also helped with every system upgrade, as well as troubleshooting when specific problems arise. Their advice and service are second to none. We highly recommend cyberCSI for the IT needs of your business.

    David Cohen

    We had been relying on older IT hardware for a long time, but had no idea it cost as much as it did to operate. cyberCSI helped us get a great deal on upgrades while ensuring long-term savings. We’re grateful for their support.

    Bertha Orozco

    COVID forced us to shift to working from home. We tried to implement a BYOD strategy in-house, but we constantly ran into issues. cyberCSI put our concerns at ease by developing a proper strategy that’s helped us succeed remotely.

    Bill Garza

    Our business was hosting a major meeting with our partners and investors, but our audio visual equipment was unable to support our needs. cyberCSI helped us upgrade our AV technology which made a huge difference for us.

    Mary Parton

    If we hadn’t used cyberCSI’s Hardware Lifecycle Services, we’d have still been wasting money on old technology. Their experts literally saved us thousands of dollars.

    Joann Kelley

    When you need fast solutions for IT issues, cyberCSI is the company to call. They resolved our problems on the first call, which helped us avoid lengthy downtime.

    Jessica McLaughlin


    Network Support

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    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    Request a Quote: (408) 740-7074

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    The Core Benefits of Our Business Network Support

    • Network and Connectivity
    • Network Consulting Services
    • Helpdesk Support
    • On-Site Support Technician
    • Downtime Remediation
    • Ticket Auditing and Satisfaction Surveys
    • Hardware Lifecycle Services
    • 24/7/365 Monitoring

    Achieve and Maintain Peak Performance

    Prioritizing uptime is easier with a well-maintained network and trustworthy computer network support specialists in your corner.

    To minimize workflow disruptions while accelerating network connectivity, our network services help you develop and build a network that suits your business’s needs.

    Partner with cyberCSI for network support and maintenance that covers:

    VPN support
    Bandwidth optimization
    Routing and switching for WANs
    Wired and wireless implementations
    And more

    Improve Network Resilience and Reliability

    Your computer networks are a key aspect of your business. That’s why they need proactive support to ensure networks operate correctly.

    Network outages lead to downtime that hinder your ability to deliver on deadlines,resulting in productivity, efficiency, and reputational  losses.

    This is a risk you can’t afford to take. To keep your network in peak condition, our California IT network support provides in-depth consulting, covering:

    Network performance assessments
    Cost-effective ways to improve network quality
    Network strategy development and implementation

    Overcome Issues With Proactive Network Support

    Uptime and network issue resolutions go hand-in-hand. Our helpdesk provides quality business network support that resolves 80% of your network issues on the first call, allowing you to get back to work faster.

    For networking challenges that require additional expertise, your issue will be escalated to a Level 2 technician who prioritizes full remediation.

    Backed by our service level agreements (SLAs), our IT helpdesk technicians serve as your single point of contact for the around-the-clock network support you need.

    Responsive 24/7/365 Network Support

    Not all IT challenges can be solved remotely.

    In the event that your networking equipment malfunctions and requires special attention, we can deploy one of our experienced field technicians to your location to reliably remediate your issues.

    With on-site support from our computer network support specialists, you can identify and eliminate issues at the source to ensure networks operate correctly.

    Proactively Prevent Network Downtime

    One of the biggest threats to your business is downtime. Even a few minutes of downtime can result in:

    Reputational damage
    Thousands in lost revenue
    Network infrastructure deterioration

    Working with our network support technicians helps you mitigate these risks by finding, repairing, and eliminating the source of your downtime issues.

    Make downtime a thing of the past with our trusted California IT network support services.

    Maintain Service Accountability

    To ensure your network aligns with your business’s needs and objectives, we provide routine auditing, reporting, and performance satisfaction reviews.

    These processes provide beneficial in-depth insights, including:

    Efficiency reports
    Dependability reports

    After we share our insights, we remain in contact with you to identify issues and immediately resolve them.

    Elevate your network performance and support with one of the leading networking companies in California.

    Improving Your Returns on Networking Equipment

    Legacy systems and outdated technologies can impact a network’s performance.

    To avoid efficiency, productivity, and agility impacts, our computer network support in California can help you reduce technical debt and identify underperforming hardware that’s in need of replacement or upgrades.

    With the help of our OPUS software, you can benefit from detailed reporting for:

    Audio visual support
    Printing and imaging
    Desktops and notebooks
    Networks and connectivity
    Mobile and unified communications

    Round-the-Clock Network Monitoring

    Network monitoring and management is a full-time job.

    However, through the help of our network support, your business can offload these challenges and gain the end-to-end network support you need.

    With real-time threat monitoring, you can ensure your network infrastructure remains secure while network support technicians remediate any problems you may have.

    Resolve your network issues in a timely manner by relying on our network support services

    Avoid Outages and Downtime With Trustworthy Network Support

    Resolve recurring network issues faster with our computer network consultants.

    Why Our Network Support Services Are Used By The Best


    Average SLA rating for our computer network support


    Certified network support technicians on staff


    Of network issues resolved on the first phone call
    IT Network Support California

    Eliminate Costly Downtime With Our Network Support Services

    Network issues don’t have to keep slowing you down.

    Count on our network support to identify and remediate issues before they significantly impact your business processes.

    With us in your corner, you’ll always have access to the network services you need to help your business succeed.

    In addition to gaining full-on asset management, our network support services help you establish models, processes, and frameworks that improve your network management.

    Maintain uptime and productivity with continuous computer network support in California.

    Develop a More Resilient Network With Hardware Lifecycle Services (HLS)

    Modernizing your networking equipment is easier with our network support services.

    With our run-rate diagnostics and intuitive dashboard, you can ensure your technologies are up-to-date while keeping tabs on outdated or underperforming technologies that may be impacting your performance.

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    Our network technicians evaluate your network infrastructure to identify ways to lower the cost of managing IT devices, endpoints, and processes.

    Custom Networking Solutions
    Improve your network management by allowing us to help you plan, create, procure, and implement customized networking solutions built around your needs.

    California Computer Network Support Specialists
    Network Support in California

    Improve Your Network With Customizable Network Support Services from cyberCSI

    Our network support services wouldn’t be complete without our Hardware Lifecycle Services (HLS).

    Powered by our OPUS software, HLS provides you with in-depth insight that covers:

    Purchasing and leasing
    Buybacks and trade-ins
    Installation and deployment

    Ensure your business is equipped with the latest technologies by working with a network services company that’s committed to your success.

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